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In Mexico there has been a master called “Curandero” for centuries. It is a healer who performs healings organically, experiencially, and traditionally from ancient traditions pre- and post-Hispanic. The Curanderos are in possession of an ancestral science and know how; they are traditionalists. This ancient science is from the pre-Hispanic (Mayan-Aztec) peoples, and the Curanderos do not disdain the use of magic, or the Western science introduced to Mexico by the Spanish.

Each of the Curandero lineages has its own specific healing knowledge, which is first-hand, as is the case for yerberos (herbalists), hueseros (bones) and parteras (traditional midwives), or magic as espiritistas (mediums) and the brujos (sorcerers), but often the two levels (traditional science / magic) are present.

In Mexico today doctors of scientific training scorn traditional methods by making it look ancient and superstitious, but they use it in cases where science fails. They may even suggest to their own patients to consult their trusted Curanderos.

In many remote indigenous communities, where the presence of the a national health service is woefully inadequate, the curanderos have always had a very important function.

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and the current holder of the Lineage Teachings”]

The care and teachings we offer have been transmitted through an uninterrupted lineage of 25 generations of Mayan shamans. The current holder of these lineage teachings is Estrella “Starr” Fuentes.

Starr Fuentes taught us many of the teachings we pass on to you. We were also initiated by other wonderful teachers such as Dr. Suzan Rossi, Zabe Barnes and Marcia Brandt. We are now fully integrated into this lineage of healers, and healing teachers.

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