[teach_me_heading teach_me_tag=”h2″ teach_me_tag_content=”SOUND HEALING RETREAT” teach_me_content=”A Full Service Retreat Immersed in the Artistry of Sound Healing”]

Participate in group meditation.  Receive instruction, support, and inspiration to enhance your spiritual and meditative practices. Enjoy the healing power and meditative benefits of using these ancient healing tools.  Learn about ancient healing practices using the powerful vibrations of the Singing Bowls.

  • Receive individual and group instruction
  • Learn the history and meaning of the Bowls
  • Gain experience in the use of Sound Healing
  • Receive information and hands on experience to assist in creating your unique healing practice for yourself and others
  • You’ll be provided with two catered meals per day
  • Retreat fees include lodging meals and all processes and events
  • Come prepared to give and receive in a connected and supportive community of healers!

 Ancient bowls—those that are 100 years old or more— are much harder to find these days because of the global interest in bowls. In this retreat setting you will experience a score of bowls that are over 150 years old.  The tradition, intention, history retained in the metal of these bowls has a truly unique quality and effect on the listeners.

Bring a covered water bottle, mat, pillow, blanket, note taking materials, breakfast and snack food.

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