Foundations for Personal Sovereignty (7 part)


The Foundations for Personal Sovereignty course covers the seven universal principles of creation.  These principles are called universal because they are found in some form in every belief system across the globe and throughout many ages of the Earth’s existence.

Life throws us many curves that can knock us off our joy and distract us from our life purpose.  Very often these experiences bring up feelings of loss, sadness, even anger and a lot of negativity. Negativity can be translated in the body as pain and dis-ease.  The Foundations course offers information, tools and skills that support you in relieving that negativity.  You’ll also have activities in between the videos that will enhance your learning process.

The seven principles are:

  1. Energy of Thought – is the beginning of all creation.
  2. Perception Filters – is our interpretation of our experiences through our filters.
  3. Choice & Accountability – we are always at choice and the universe requires an accounting of all that we create.
  4. Cause & Effect – every choice activates a cause (a response from the universe) which is inescapably attached to results (effects).
  5. Abundance & Gratitude – is the principle that carries the big punch, the spark that activates the other principles.
  6. Intuitive Healer – health and well-being is our naturally divine condition and the power to heal resides in everyone.
  7. Rhythm & Harmony – the universe activates and supports all principles in divine rhythm and perfect harmony with all life.

Type Lesson Title Time
Introduction2 Min
Lesson One40 Min
Lesson Two40 Min
Lesson Three40 Min
Lesson Four40 Min
Lesson Five40 Min
Quiz Time10 Min