Tibetan Singing Bowls


[teach_me_heading teach_me_tag=”h2″ teach_me_tag_content=”Overview” teach_me_content=”“To a mind that is still the whole Universe surrenders.” – Unknown”]

The history of Singing bowls in the Middle East and Himalayan region that encompasses India, Nepal, and the region held by China that was once known as Tibet, goes back more than two thousand years.

One story that is being circulated is that the bowls contain seven sacred metals. The idea of the seven metals comes from the Sacred Seven Metals of the region, gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, lead and mercury. Bowls made with large quantities of all these metals would not sing. What is actually found in almost all metal bowls that sing, whether ancient, or modern, is a common base of 80% copper, and 20% tin. This combination is commonly known as bell metal. In traditional metal bowls, the other metals occur only as trace elements.

Whether dealing with a weathered antique bowl covered in primitive etchings, or a modern bowl made for intentional healing, no one can deny the natural power of the sound produced by these wonderful instruments. Everyone has their own special story of their “first time” experience with the bowls. People who encounter them are often mesmerized, and gain a moment of mindfulness with their initial experience. Not everyone will embark on a journey of therapy and meditation, but all who encounter the bowls are touched.

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[teach_me_heading teach_me_tag=”h2″ teach_me_tag_content=”What is a Bowl Session?” teach_me_content=”Reclaim your natural genius and restore your brilliant link with the Divine.”]

In a group setting participants are given a brief history of the traditions of making and using the Bowls for healing. Curiosity and questions are welcomed. The group is guided through a meditation with the playing of the Bowls. Then Canah gives each person an opportunity to have a short personal experience with the Bowls.

In a private individual session the client is surrounded with Bowls strategically placed on and around their body and intuitively chosen for the unique needs of the client in that moment. Clients have shared results ranging from relaxation to pain relief to physical healing. Many have described deeply spiritual experiences that enhance intuition and rekindle motivation to integrate healthy lifestyle practices.

Benefits of Bowls:

  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Connect mind, body, spirit
  • Reclaim divine blueprint
  • Open cognitive abilities
  • Restore balance
  • Spiritual Experiences

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