Advanced Torus


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This is a leading edge healing class and you are one of only a small number of people who will learn this technique! This class was taught for the first time in May ’06 at the Light Language Conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas by Master Healer & Teacher Starr Fuentes. Starr is the current lineage holder for Light Language, which she learned during her three years of study with her Master Teacher, Esperanza, in Mexico.

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A torus is a three dimensional geometric shape formed with 144 concentric circles. It looks like a donut with a hole in the center and can work in at least two different ways:

  1. What you want to keep stays on the rim of the donut and what you don’t want is sucked into the hole.
  2. What you don’t want stays on the rim and what you do want comes up through the hole like a fountain.


The Advanced Torus class is one of several classes using Light Language. Although there are many shapes and colors used in Light Language, this class focuses on one type of shape, the torus and how to use it for healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. This is a mini class with an easy and quick method for aiding people in their healing process and adds another dynamic tool to the healer’s tool box. Use this for yourself, a client or for sending long distance healing when you can’t be present with the person.

For more information on Toruses you can go on the web to; www.Mathisfun.com or www.mathworld.wolfram.com or do a Google search where you can find more pictures for Toruses. You don’t need to know the math to use a torus.

This is a “caught” teaching. It cannot be learned by reading a book. All the information about this technique is passed into your aura from the teacher’s aura. The conscious mind learns 4-6 concepts a minute while your subconscious mind learns 10,000 pieces of information a minute. This is what is called a “caught” teaching. The student literally “catches” the material being emanated out of the teacher’s aura. The advantage of this method is a person can receive (download) the library of information on the subject very quickly and retrieve it when it is needed. Therefore, as you use this material more information becomes available and your experience in using the information broadens. Don’t be afraid to let your intuition guide you. It has access to the Torus library of healing/creation that is now in your aura.

Toruses work like the energizer bunny; they keep working until the job is done. If a condition is periodic such as an allergy, the torus will stay there until the next period and start working again until the condition is healed. If someone needs a healing and you are not present you can send them the Toruses they need by the long distance method.

If someone needs a healing and you are not present you can send them the Toruses they need by the long distance method.

This is a 3 hour training.

Type Lesson Title Time
Introduction12 Min