Cord Cutting


[teach_me_heading teach_me_tag=”h2″ teach_me_tag_content=”Overview” teach_me_content=”Release Cords That Energetically Bind You”]

Hundreds of invisible energetic cords exist and connect you with the people, places, and things around you. All cords consistently influence your energy. All cords affect your vibratory level. Whatever matters or has mattered in your life that you have not let go of is corded to you.

All energy is a wave, so when something matters to you, the wave changes into matter and this matter gathers into the form of a cord, which does not move as freely as a wave. The cord is polarized between you and the person, place or thing to which your energy is attached.

These cords influence you on your path in life. They can bring you to a full stop, pull you onto an inappropriate path, slow you down, or you can get tangled in the cords for the rest of your life. Without exception, the more cords you get rid of, the more energy you have, the deeper and the faster your healing.

[teach_me_blockquote teach_me_content=”The higher your vibration is, the more you will seek to be corded to Source and the Earth only.”]

A dense cord that connects to the human body can create disease and chronic illness.

As we continually raise our vibration, we find processes or tools to help us such as cord cutting. Each process we use to refine our personal and spiritual energies creates a vacuum or space where we can eliminate the lower vibrations. The universe abhors a vacuum and usually fills the void with an energy or energies of the same or similar level of vibration. What this means is that every time you cut, dissipate, or dissolve a cord, the place where the cord was connected to you needs to be filled with a higher vibrational energy in order to fill the void and keep the pattern magnetizing that to you.

A wide range of familiar vibrational tools exists to assist you including aromatherapy, herbology, crystals, sacred geometry, color, and sound. Through your experiences, you will come to know which tool is most compatible with your energy or, if you are a healer, the energy of your client.

The signature behavior of the pattern that created the cord originally has a tendency to reappear after the cord is gone. The need to be conscious of your reactive behaviors and patterns is of the utmost importance. Developing and cultivating the OBSERVER is essential in maintaining a clear auric field and reducing the amount of cords you have.

[teach_me_heading teach_me_tag=”h2″ teach_me_tag_content=”Instruction Includes:”]
  • Identifying Cord Types
  • Signs & Symptoms of Cords
  • Muscle Testing
  • Cord Cutting Processing
  • Clearing Processes
  • Cords You Can’t Cut
  • Where Cords Come From
  • Keep Free of Cords
  • Forgiveness
  • Prayers to Cut Cords

Type Lesson Title Time
Introduction5 hours