Dimensional Mastery


Dimensional Mastery

A month is enough days for the moon to circle the earth. It is the time that it takes to release a pattern and the time for a new pattern to become part of one’s structure.  Each of us will see, experience, and feel the new physical energies that are changing our world, as electricity changed the last century. A new clarity will become ours, as we change our physical world to match the higher vibrations of dimensional states. Dimensional Mastery will come once you experience the dimensional states and start to master their interaction with the laws of physics.

The world of physics holds true on the earth plane, with the exception of dimensional states. In the 144 dimensions, all physical laws are void and the impossible becomes possible. The knowledge of these dimensional states has been kept sacred by the shamans of indigenous tribes. Most sacred teachings expose the student to certain dimensions.  It takes many generations to bring together a map and knowledge of the dimensional states and was only open to the tribal healers.

The evolution of the material plane manifestation of spiritual growth in the world has been completed up through the throat chakra. We can communicate anywhere instantly, being limited only by the time it takes to get the equipment in place.

As each century has “found” a tool that has changed that century, we welcome you to discover the tool that will “appear” during this century. Dimensional states will make reality out of fairy tales as we expand to be able to clear the environment using third-eye energies.


What You Will Learn 

With instructors Pearl Bertrand and Kanah Teagyn, you will have 30 Days of unprecedented downloads from both these masters.  During the retreat you will have exceptionally focused practice in the most beautiful surroundings supported by the leylines of our planet and nature itself to instill the integration of dimensional mastery within you.  These profound changes will occur on cellular levels, and with focused intent you will have leaps of physical plane breakthroughs. You need not have blind faith, for by the end of the month you will have the experiences that speak of a Third-eye Century.

  • With these powerful instructors you will learn about the untapped powers of the brain and mind. As vast as they are, they pale in comparison to the untapped power of the soul.  Each of us carries within them the ability to navigate the time space continuum.  The human race needs to let go of self-imposed limitations of what is possible and impossible.  We are moving into an advanced state of being rapidly and soon the old paradigm of what we knew to be physical plane laws will be shattered.  This is essential for our growth in this century.
  • If you’ve had the opportunity to study Divine Intervention then you have had the experience of moving dis-eased cells out of the body. Now it is time to move onto bigger things that affect the masses and the well being of all on this planet.  It has been prophesied that in this century we will see a difference in the way we move from place to place.  The way that we elect an official will move to a level based on truth and integrity.  We will clear pollution.  We will change the court system.  With extensive training in dimensional mastery and deep personal work, we are able to jump to the forefront of this shift.

Type Lesson Title Time
30 Day Training Course30 Days