Eternal Mobius


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The Magic Mobius takes manifestation to a new level because of its ability to replicate. The Eternal Mobius embodies two complete Intermediate Light Language Grids. The energies of the mobius are eternal; make it and it goes on forever. The Mobius assists in letting things pass by that are not in alignment with our goals and allows new energies to come in to support the manifestation process. The energies of the mobius is eternal as the energies continue to work on the goal until it is manifested.

The Wheel of Fortune, Tower, and World (tarot) cards are subliminal möbiuses. As mankind entered the dark ages the ancient esoteric wisdom was preserved through mathematics and the tarot cards. This was a way that the wisdom could be conveyed from teacher to student in relative safety.
Pre-requisite: Intermediate Light Language

Type Lesson Title Time
Introduction12 Min
Lesson One20 Min
Lesson Two41 Min
Lesson Three15 Min
Lesson Four29 Min
Quiz Time 31 Min